How to Build Campervan Ford Transit Conversion DIY Plan

How to Build Campervan Ford Transit Conversion DIY Plan

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Self Build Campervan Conversion Guide A.S.Allsorts Self Build Campervan Conversion Welcome to my Campervan / Motorhome conversion DIY plans and Building Guide. Here you will find a conversion guide based on the Transit van The guide consists of a comprehensive written guide and plan for each individual item There are also 11 (How To videos) totaling over 2 hours duration These videos show all aspects of the build and are easy to follow PERECT FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNER! I built this camper using this guide on a very low budget Some Factory Conversions can cost a small fortune but with help from my guide you will be able to build a much cheaper Conversion. The build is based on a Transit long wheel base high top, but could easily be adapted to fit many other types of base vehicle. Many pepole have already use this guide to help them convert LDV's, VW, Ford Iveco, Citroen and many more This old builders van converted in to a comfortable 2 berth campervan. A Video of the finshed conversion . I have here an easy step-by-step guide, to help you build your own camper van, consisting of a plan for each individual unit, and full instructions on how to build that unit, using standard size boards. The design uses standard size melamine/ conti-board, beech finish. These were obtained from my local D.I.Y. shop, which makes sourcing the materials a lot easier and cheaper. Each unit as it’s own set of plans photographs amd videos showing exactly how to build each individual section, there are over 600 photographs of the build under various stages of construction. You would be able to build a camper by just using the photographs alone. Main Items inside: Twin settees, which convert into a comfortable double A Wardrobe & with shelf Kitchen unit, with fittings. Microwave oven, Cool Box / Fridge & Heater Overhead storage cupboards. Toilet compartment with folding door which separates the rear of the vehicle to form a washroom / changing room. __________________________________________ The Kitchen Unit _______________________________________________________ Outside: Installing bonded side windows or Rubber fit windows And how I achieved the overall look of the vehicle with graphics. A Suppliers list and a List of Caravan Breakers where you can obtain most of the materials you require,including in the suppliers list is a list of caravan breakers if you desire to use second hand parts. Here is a list of the videos included 1 An overview of the project 2 Fitting bonded windows 3 How To Build & fit the Ceiling part one / plus Insulation 4 How To Build & fit the cab over cupboard 5 How To Build & fit the wardrobe 6 How To Build & fit the toilet compartment 7 How To Build & Fitting the Ceiling part 2 8 How To Build & fit the top cupboards 9 How To Build & fit seats / Bed 10 How To Build & fit the kitchen unit 11 How To Build Wall panels & fit 10 How To Build & fit the kitchen unit 11 How To Build Wall panels & fit The videos can be played direct from the CD itself. The written instruction guide can be printed in a book format, this together with the instruction videos makes it perfect for anyone to use. ________________________________________________________________ All this information on one CD UK BIDDERS ONLY THANKS. Payment Policy Paypal, quick and easy and secure payment, I also accept cheques, and postal-orders, these will need to be cleared prior to items despatch. POSTAGE IS TO THE UK ONLY Items will be dispatched immediatly after receiving full payment. Items ordered over the weekend will be despatched the following Monday Feel free to email us at anytime with queries & concerns Always happy to help. THANK YOU About Me I have been building campervan conversions for several years now Since the 1980s! This Ford Transit is my latest conversion. I came up with this design because it creates a lot more space when the bed is in the made up position and uses standard size melamine/ conti-board, beech finish, this makes it an easy conversion 'perfect for the absolute beginner'. Many people have commented on this design and have asked where it was built, they find it hard to believe that this is a home built conversion, After receiving so many positive comments I decided to compile an easy to follow guide to help people who would like to build their own conversion on a low budget but still maintain a high quality finish. ____________________________________ THE LAYOUT The layout plan showing position of each individual item. The layout of this camper gives lots of floor space, when the bed is in the made position. This is not the case in most campers, please have a look at the layout. ____________________________________ I designed this Campervan, so that i could build all the furniture from standard size laminated Conti boards, this makes building the furniture a lot easier and eliminates the need to make-up frames for each unit first, these boards are sold in lengths of 8ft and widths from 9 inches to 36 inches as can be seen in the photos. I purchased mine from wickes, and they have a beech finish, but these boards are available from almost any DIY store. For instance the top cupboard doors are made from 9 inch Conti board this is just trimmed to the desired length. Then using an hot iorn, edging strip is applied to the Cut sides, the door handle is then attached using screws, the top cupboard door is now finished, how easy is that. Top Cupboard Door Diagram Each unit as it’s own Diagram & plans ____________________________________ Inside: A List Of Items Included On The CD (How To videos) & a printable written Guide: 1. Campervan Conversion. 2. Fitting Bonded Windows / side windows 3. Twin settees, which convert into a comfortable double bed. 4. A Wardrobe with Top shelf 5. Kitchen unit, with fittings & Microwave oven 6. Installing A Fridge, Cool Box / Fridge or 3 way Fridge 7. Overhead Cab Storage cupboard 8. Toilet compartment with folding door which separates the rear of the vehicle to form a washroom / changing room. 9. Campervan Pumped water supply 10. Heater 11. LPG.Gas Fittings & installation Diagram 12. Zig wiring Diagram.12volt/240volt installation Diagram 13. 240 Volt Wiring & installation Diagram 14. Installing campervan Insulation 15. Wall boards & covering 16. Installing side windows / Rubber fit Windows 17. Campervan Conversion Tips 18. Caravan Breakers List 19. Suppliers List 20. How To Register your Build as a Motor home With D.V.L.A Important D.V.L.A requirement, for updating your registration document, are included. If you do not up-date your registration document you may find it difficult to get the correct insurance for your vehicle. 21. A list of insurance companies that except home-built Campervans. As not all insurance companies will insure these vehicles -------------------------------------------- All of the above are listed on this CD in their own printable documents, which means they can be printed off individually, or you can just read them from the CD.